The Porto Metropolitan Area

The Porto Metropolitan Area and its about a million and a half inhabitants have an interest in a collaborative project that reveals the diversity and ambition of its cultural program, in order to capture new audiences while also affirming its territory.

We intend to continually show the Metropolitan Area's potential, including its cultural and related initiatives by encouraging creation and participation, demonstrating its versatility and that from its difference can be born the union of the 16 councils of the Porto Metropolitan Area in the areas of its heritage, tourism, gastronomy and anthropological identity, approaching the councils to its citizens and its visitors.

Basically, "iPorto" is both a way to bring together people who live so close and yet so far, enticing them to the mobility and the ease of travel in this territorial area so close but often forgotten despite the proximity of each council. We will continue to work towards a common project that is a reflection of us all. Please participate in this project by sharing it and making it real and alive!

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The philosophy that led us to create the agenda is an example of seeking solutions at the metropolitan level, within a territorial development strategy, as well as a tool for the cooperation that we continue to pursue as a goal, taking into account the rapid changes of this large metropolitan area and its continued population growth, as well as the new requirements of the different target audiences.