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The Porto Metropolitan Area (AMP) and its inhabitants (approximately one million and eight hundred thousand) are particularly interested in a common document that reveals the diversity and ambition of its cultural pprogramme, which stimulates and captures new audiences while affirming its territorial power.

We seek to keep showing the environing potentialities, cultural initiatives and of other kinds, inciting creation and participation, making clear that from the polyvalency and the difference can emerge the union of the 17 municipalities of the AMP (Arouca, Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Oliveira de Azeméis, Paredes, Porto, Póvoa de Varzim, São João da Madeira, Santa Maria da Feira, Santo Tirso, Trofa, Vale de Cambra, Valongo, Vila do Conde e Vila Nova de Gaia) in their heritage, tourism, food and anthropological identity, bringing them closer to citizens.

Basically, “iPorto” is a utilitarian calendar, also gathering people who live at the same time so close, but so far away, seducing them to move and travel in a nearby area, which is often forgotten, despite the proximity of each municipality within the AMP. We will continue to work towards a plural project that reflects everyone. Take part in this project, sharing it and making it real and active!

The philosophy that led us to create this calendar is a pragmatic example, in the search for solutions of metropolitan scope, within the framework of a territorial development strategy, as well as an instrument that arises as a response of cooperation and that we continue to follow as a goal, taking into account the fast changes in this large metropolitan area and its continuous population growth, as well as the new demands of the different target audiences.



Eduardo Vítor de Almeida Rodrigues (Vila Nova de Gaia)


Jorge Manuel Rodrigues Vultos Sequeira (S. João da Madeira)

Sérgio Humberto Pereira da Silva (Trofa)


Chief Executive Officer

Ariana Maria Cachina Pinho

Metropolitan Executive Officers

Ana Margarida de Castro e Sousa Amorim

António Miguel Dias Alves de Oliveira

Suzana Maria Peres Menezes

Tiago Gregório de Sá Carneiro